ByteBuy is a fictitious e-Commerce computer hardware retailer, made for my Final Year Project (FYP) at university. The entire web site is based on a software I developed from the ground-up for my FYP. The software I developed is capable of all you would expect from an actual e-Commerce software with additional neat features I packed into the application. The site has been coded in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL where the appearance/layout was designed using Adobe Photoshop.

The software I developed also considers security, with salted plus MD5 encrypted passwords and SQL injection prevention in user input fields and URLs. Furthermore I also developed and implemented an Administrator Control Panel into the system, allowing an individual with no programming experience to add items, categories, users, promotional images and etc. onto the site via a GUI. The software I produced also features stock control, shopping cart and account management. Along with a 30,000 word report, the project was graded a First.

ByteBuy Homepage
ByteBuy Product Listing Page
ByteBuy User Account Manager
ByteBuy Administrator Control Panel